News Article – Jun 27, 2013

‘Employee of the Month’ Jun 27, 2013 Just wanted to say, that the employee of the month has to go to Diane! She is truly amazing! I would say that (through no fault of my own) I have been a nightmare over the last few weeks and she has always been so calm and helpful […]

News Article – Jun 23, 2013

23 June 2113 Finding Customers for Your Blinds Business To get your first customers the simplest way is to let your friends and family know what you are doing and see if they are interested in blinds at the moment. Next would be to get some leaflets printed up either locally or on the internet […]

News Article – May 27, 2013

27th May 2013 Preparing to start a blinds business Do you want to start your own blind business? Are you working as an agent with the company getting the Lions share, when you could do the same work for yourself and make a lot more? Do you want to start it as a standalone business, […]

News Article – April 27, 2013

Five mistakes to avoid when starting your own blinds business April 27, 2013 There are many mistakes you can make when starting up or running a window blinds business, here are just 5 of them. (1) Unsuccessful advertising. Only advertise when you can check the results.You must test your advertising and monitor the results. Try […]

News Article – Make It Safe!

Make It Safe! Are your blinds safe around children? If not, as a BBSA member and ‘make it safe’ approved supplier, we are in a position to give you information on ways to make existing blinds safer and reduce the risk from looped blind cords and chains. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Click […]

News Article – Save Your Customers Energy & Money With Blinds

Save Your Customers Energy & Money With Blinds By having blinds installed your customers can reduce heat lost through ┬átheir windows by up to 40%.. Every 1000 pounds they spend on their heating bills they can save 70 pound! Having Blinds in winter and using them properly can reduce the heat loss through the windows. […]

News Article – Seven Reasons To Start A Window Blind Business Now

Seven Reasons To Start A Window Blind Business Now! Lets face it with the Country just about back in recession this could be the ideal time to start a window blind business. Lets start with the housing market, people are staying put now and are replacing their blinds to give their home an instant lift, […]