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Is Drop shipping a ‘get-rich-quick’ scheme? NO!

Drop shipping is where you sell the goods on behalf of a wholesaler or dropshipper such as Blinds Trade. Instead of purchasing and storing items, putting them up for sale, and then delivering them to customers, you simply sell items offered by the dropshipper for sale. Once an item sells the customer pays you, you the buy from the dropshipper at a trade price, and keep the difference as your profit. Blinds Trade then ships the item to your customer who doesn’t know the blinds aren’t from you.

As with any business, success requires application and hard work. As you can imagine, one of the biggest advantages of dropshipping is the ability to sell blinds without risking your own money. You actually pay Blinds Trade with the customers’ money. There are distinct benefits to using drop shipping in your online business:

  • No Delivery — You don’t have to buy packaging materials and shipping labels, nor will you need a shipping account, or business premises. The supplier handles all of this for you.
  • No Stock — Not only do you avoid the expense of purchasing stock, you do not need to store, manage, or insure it – if the product doesn’t sell, you never have to buy it from the supplier.
  • Minimal Risk — With a traditional retail set up, every purchase you make is a risk. Imagine ordering 100 blinds only to sell 20 of them you could be stuck with expensive, unwanted blinds. With dropshipping, there’s no risk and no worry. If an item doesn’t sell, you don’t have to buy it. You can become a retailer without needing to invest large amounts of money. You can start a business and test the market with very little risk!
  • No hassles or costs — Since Blinds Trade ships all orders, you do not need to deal with shipments and returns or incur shipping costs. Likewise, there’s no need to purchase boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, and other shipping supplies.
  • The Profit is yours — You pay Blinds Trade and mark up the product as you see fit. You keep the difference between the retail price that your customers pay and the trade price that you pay.
  • You can focus on selling instead of stock management and delivery — You can focus more time and resources on money making activities like marketing and advertising instead of stock management, packing and shipping. After all, there’s no need to employ someone to manage stock or fulfill orders.
  • Time savings — You can use images and descriptions from the website with permission, making it possible to quickly build your eCommerce store.
  • Many eCommerce outlets — You can set up online storefronts on well-known marketplace websites such as Amazon, eBay, Facebook, and Yahoo. You can also host your own eCommerce store using an eCommerce platform such as Shopify.
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